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Bakuman Vol. 1

Bakuman Volume 01 - Tsugumi Ohba


I have slowly been easing into the world of Anime, and so logically (as I am a person who enjoys reading) I have just barely touched into Manga, and so honestly, I can't really judge Manga. This is the second Manga I've read. I have no base for comparison, I don't have enough experience to make an educated review.. HOWEVER, I do know how I felt about it personally, so that's what I'll talk about.

I liked that this was manga without magic or supernatural events (I thought they all had paranormal elements!), and that the characters are going through real life issues. I liked that this is a Manga about Manga - I loved learning more about the Manga world and culture! I loved how ridiculous this got at times.. some of the scenarios where really exaggerated and impossible, but they were fun! 

There were a few messages in the manga that I didn't agree with (for example, multiple different characters kept saying that super smart people are unlovable) but I took it all with a grain of salt. This is from a different culture and it's just a fun story. 

I can not wait to pick up the next volume, and to eventually pick up Death Note which is from the same two "geniuses" ! ;)