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The Cardturner

The Cardturner - This was a great contemporary read!What made me love this book most was one reoccurring thought I had: The author really had fun writing this. I could feel it! I could feel that he wrote this book kore for himself than for anyone else and I loved that! This book goes into some pretty heavy discussion about Bridge, and honestly I didn't get most of it, but through the authors excitement and enjoyment I had fun too! I actually started to understand some of the rules of Bridge and was able to get more into the novel.Honestly, I don't have much more to add except that I flew through this read, that I really enjoyed myself while reading it, and that I finished it extremely satisfied. * For some reason, this book reminded me of Going Nowhere Faster by Alex Bodoin, a book I read several years ago, so I recommend that if you want something else like this book!