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Room - Emma Donoghue A 4.5 - a brilliant novel.Room really took me by surprise. I'd heard great things, yes, but for some reason I didn't think it sounded like the type of story I would personally really enjoy. I found the audiobook of this at my library and decided to try it out - and boy am I glad I did.A note on the audiobook: the audiobook (produced by Hachette) is read by a five year old. A FIVE YEAR OLD. It put everything into such perspective. There was no escaping the narrator, no escaping the truth that you had a boy who had grown from conception to five-years-old in one room. His voice was strong and innocent and perceptive. I really liked Jack, and actually being able to hear him was very powerful. It was also a full-cast audio (which means every character has a different voice) which made the listening experience really brilliant.On the narrative: Bah! I loved it! I thought, originally, that the setting would be the room for 95% of the time,.. but it wasn't! WHICH WAS GREAT. I mean, a big and considerable part of the book was in the room, which made sense and put it in your face the realities of their situation, but I was so glad that we saw the aftermath. And it was ugly. A lot of this book was ugly. And I really appreciated that. I definitely recommend this book. It's very powerful and almost scary, but in a smart way. AND IF YOU CAN, LISTEN TO THE AUDIO VERSION!PS; I think it has to be put here. This is the first book to ever make me cry. And it did so while I was walking my dog. On a public road. While passing by houses. And I didn't even care, because boy did I feel this book and boy did I enjoy it.