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Winter Town - Stephen Emond Winter Town.. An upcoming indie film starring Michael Cera! .. Well, not really, but it should be! I really enjoyed this book, and I'm a little surprised that I've literally never heard of it before.. More people should read this!With a mixture of prose, art, and comics, this book tells the awesome story of two people coming together, realizing their faults, breaking apart to become better, and then coming together again more complete than ever before. It reminds me o much of the vibe I got from watching Nick&Norah, or from reading Dash&Lily.I loved the artwork and comics mixed in with the story: it added a fun and quirk level. I also really liked the story itself.. It wasn't over dramatic, or angsty, it was just a realistic portrayal of two teenagers. It's the kind of story with not too much plot, but a lot of character development.I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good contemporary, with the added bonus of awesome artwork! My only warning is that it felt slightly strange reading a Christmas story set in cold, snowy New England in the middle of hot July weather!