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Ink - Amanda Sun My overwhelming thought process while reading this and upon finishing it was "THIS SHOULD BE AN ANIME!!"*While walking around a book store with my friend Catriona, from LittleBookOwl (OHYEAHNAMEDROPPING), we found two copies of this book sitting on a shelf with stickers proclaiming 'Signed Copy'. We looked at each other for a moment and knew we couldn't leave the store without these books. The plot sounded interesting, it's a brand new release that lots of people talking about, AND IT WAS SIGNED AND ITS PRETTY WE JUST HAD TO.The biggest reason I wanted this book (and why I had added to my Goodreads To-Read list a few weeks prior) was because it takes place in Japan. All of the books I read always take place in the states and I want more diversity! The world is not the US and this book showed me the beautiful world of Japan. I would recommend it just for the beautiful scenery and world building of Japan. The author has lived in Japan and that comes off wonderfully when you're reading. But it's not Only the scenery.. It's the culture, the constant use of Japanese (with a helpful glossary in the back of the book), the immersion into an other world through the eyes of an outsider character.The second thing that I loved was the paranormal concept.. A world of Japanese gods that can turn ink to life was fascinating and fun. So much could be done with it, and it was interesting to see everything unfold with this awesome new mythology. And along with the prose imagery, you get real beautiful art in this book. Getting to see these ink creatures be drawn brought everything to life and added a gorgeous and graceful touch.As for negatives, there were a few. I really did not feel any character development or growth, and I felt that the plot started to feel directionless. I didn't know where we were heading, what goal we were trying to achieve, and I didn't feel that the characters knew either. I suspect that the author dragged this book out a bit longer than necessary because she's saving more plot and development for the next book in the series.Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The setting of Japan was wonderful (I definitely want more books set in Japan now!), the whole paranormal world was brilliant, and the art was beautiful. There were flaws, but if you just focus on enjoying the story instead of trying to pick it apart its incredibly enjoyable.** As for my Anime comment.. I STAND BY IT. The moments between the characters I could totally picture in my mind as Anime scenes, the scenery could be beautiful, and I would love to see some Anime artists bring the ink creatures to life. Also, for Fruits Basket fans, I kept picturing the main love interest as Kyo.