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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick What a great contemporary! I was in the mood for some more summer-y teenage fiction after reading Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler (which I recommend!) and after hearing good things about this book .. And admittedly being drawn to the cover .. I picked this up and really enjoyed it!This is definitely a romance, there's no denying that, but as is usual with good contemporary it also had some really great over arching themes. The first, and probably most expected, was the main characters "coming of age". I thought that it was pretty well done, pretty believable, and all rates interesting. The most important theme for me, though, was family. We can all agree that a lot of the time families and parents and siblings can all be invisible in most YA stories, which is frustrating because family dynamics is something that EVERYONE has. I felt that the concept of family was really well done in this book, and it was actually the concept I liked most. The romance was good, and the character growth was good, but what made me really like this was the family material because it isn't what you usually see. It is important to note that this book had a lot of mature content, so I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 14ish. We see the main character lose her virginity, one of her friends deal with serious drug abuse, and there's a decent amount of swearing. I actually felt this more serious content was brilliant: I'm growing a bit tired of reading books where things like swearing are edited out, it feels bizarre: teenagers swear! I didn't expect it though, mainly because of the cover, so I thought I should mention it!I had a few problems, of course. I wouldn't call the romance instalove, but it did feel a bit rushed at times; as though the author wanted to quicken the romance so she could get to other plot details. I also felt that a big portion of the middle of the book dragged on quite a bit; after a really strong start the middle seemed lost and directionless, and so although it definitely picked up again at the end it was still an issue.Overall, a great contemporary. I would definitely put this up there with Lola and the Boy Next Door.. And I mention Lola because I have a craving to reread it, haha!