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Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay This book was super awesome.. But also super flawed! Overall, I really enjoyed it but I do have to mention the flaws.. LETS CHAT!The thing that really got me about this boom was the concept: Romeo and Juliet fighting against each other?! Juliet falling in love with another man?! A fight between good and evil, darkness and light?! It was spectacular! I love that Shakespeare was mentioned, how original the whole concept was, how passionate the characters were!, Juliet's self-awareness discovery, the different themes!But there was definitely problems.. The pacing wasn't always great, the story could seem repetitive at times, the whole thing could be over dramatic, the ending felt rushed, as though the author didn't know how to wrap up the story and just threw a bunch of information at the end, no matter how the author justified it there was definitely insta-love. (*My biggest concern is slightly spoilery so I've put it down below!)There was lots of flaws, but in the end I didn't mind. It wasn't a perfect book, but I really enjoyed it and it had good merit: the idea was so much fun!Personal Note: One of the main characters in this book is called "Ariel" (I KNOW; EXCITING), and the other main characters kept calling her "Ree" and "Mermaid" and it was weird because I've known people who have tried giving me a nickname and it NEVER WORKS. All of the nicknames are too awkward, and so I knew from personal experience that those nicknames would never fly.** SPOILER KIND OF NOTE ** My biggest flaw with this book was that Romeo and Juliet didn't end up together i the end. I realize that that's kind of the point, that this is a retelling and everything, but.. ITS ROMEO AND JULIET. It felt WRONG reading about them and not having them come together! My soul kept hoping that they would fall back in love.. ITS ROMEO AND JULIET, AMIRITE?! ROMEO AND JULIET!