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Defiance - C.J. Redwine Defiance was not what I was expecting: with the synopsis, the tagline, the cover.. I expected a lot of action! A super exciting adventure story! I didn't get that. There was some action, some interesting scenes, but overall it was a romance and "self-discovery" type novel. Overall, I did like it. I thought that the romance was obvious and overdone sometimes, but overall it was well done and didn't feel anything like insta-love, which I really appreciated. The characters that fall in love have known each other for years and build a real relationship which is rare in YA. The "self-discovery" was okay. I felt like the characters were being unrealistically mopey and dramatic, but they did deal with issues and with loss, which again you don't see often in YA. I also did appreciate some of the more realistic elements in this book - one of the main characters get beat up pretty badly and doesn't fully heal, which is great because he's limping along and being in pain for a long time which can often be unrealistic in books.. for example, and I like the Hunger Games, but there is no way that Katniss and Peeta could have received the injuries they got in the first book and still EASILY win the games. So I liked some of the more realistic elements in this: the hurt, the trauma. Finally, the setting was interesting. It wasn't fully explained - we don't know WHY the world is this way or what year it is, but - it is an interesting mixture of advanced technologies with medieval civilization. However, it did have quite a few problems. The biggest one for me being that it dragged out. I really don't think that this book needed to be over 400 pages.. a lot could have been cut out. It would have made it a better and quicker read. Also, I wish there had been more weight on the plot and adventure. The romance and character development was not interesting enough to lead the entire book, it needed more, and more interesting, plot. Also, and this is often a problem in YA, I found it to be pretty predictable. Nothing happened that blew me away or had me shocked.Overall, it was a good but not great read. I do, however, want to check out the second novel because I feel that this novel ended in an interesting place that gives me hope that the second novel could be a lot more exciting.