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The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney I think that this book dealt incredibly well with the very sensitive and powerful topic of rape. In a lot of books, I feel as though the book expects the "hero" to stand up for themselves, like the white tree of Gondor never waivering standing alone an fbrave,.. But that can be really untrue! There are definitely brave people out there, definitely people who CAN stand up for themselves.. But there are loads more people who CAN'T, who need support and that's real and valid. I liked that this book gave the victim here such a support system, friends, boyfriends, sisters, teachers, fellow students, all helpimg, all supporting. It was a great message.I also really liked the doubt that the main character went through: I know that if I went through rape I would feel guilty, responsible even, and definitely shame. It's unrealistic to have all rape victims be crystal clear in there thoughts.Definitely a good contemporary, absolutely recommend if you're looking for books about rape and standing up for yourself.