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Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler This was an absolutely fantastic contemporary. Reafing about Delilah's journey was brilliant. I definitely recommend this book to anyone searching for a "summer read" or for a heartfelt contemporary.A lot of the time, contemporaries can feel rushed.. Trying to fit in backstory, the story, and the future all together can feel muddled and can leave the main story lacking. Tis book had a great balance though. It has a believable and lovely and strong romance, a real fight for family, and an honest portrayal of a teenager trying to find herself. The ending is wrapped up in the way that any real life story is wrapped up.. It feels more like the end of a chapter instead of the end of a story which was wonderful. I really enjoyed the setting: a friendly summer town gavethe bookt a lighter feeling and a nice backdrop with sun and lakes and chirping birds. Te side characters where really well developed and didn't feel random, and since we didn't actually have too many characters they all felt important.Like I said, this is a great contemporary and I definitely urge you to pick it up! :)