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The Marbury Lens - Andrew Smith Well this book was just a complete train-wreck. Honestly: OUCHIE WOWCHI.I had loads of problems with the book but here are the top three:1) The plot was POINTLESS. It had no direction of any kind.. I never knew what we were trying to accomplish and it made me feel disconnected to the story and perpetually bored.2) The writing was all over the place! We had third person, first person, random characters, too too too much repetition, over the top vulgarity and gore for no reason, plot holes, soooo many plot holes. It was just such a pile of bad.3) No real redeeming qualities. I was thinking "This friendship is kind of nice! This side story is interesting! The very beginning was good!" But really, when I talked it over with Raeleen (whom I read this with) we realized that those parts only seemed good in comparison to the other nonsense.. That really, when compared to other books it just isn't good enough. It just isn't good.I am sorely disappointed. I had extremely high hopes for this book, I was really excited for it, and it let me down.