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Uglies  - Scott Westerfeld WELL THAT WAS GREAT. WOW. WOW. 4.4 STARS. WOOOOO IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!I got this book over a year ago, I received it for Christmas 2011, and had specifically asked for it because I had heard such great hype around it. I tried picking it up around the Christmas period and only got a few pages in and giving up because I was just not in the mood. A couple of days ago though, I have no idea why, I just felt it. Something from above said "You feel like reading Uglies!" And boy, was it just what I needed.Let's talk pros, and the mention the little cons. PROS: My love for this book comes from four directions. Firstly, the world. The entire concept is intricate and well played out. I can tell that Scott Westerfeld had late nights thinking up how this world would work in all it's small details. The world building is great, absolutely unlike anything I've thought of or read before. Secondly, the actual exciting plot. We have this great and fascinating world, where every new idea is really fascinating, but you also have a great story happening in the world. I was constantly excited, and a few times I found myself, either internally or vocally, saying "NOOOO!" because I was just so into what was going on! It's FUN to read a FUN story. Thirdly, character development. There were a few characters in this novel and they all had pretty decent development. I understood their actions and could appreciate when they thought new things and changed. Fourthly, the theme. The theme in this book is super simple: Your appearance does not define you; as an individual or a society. Even though it was so simple, so obvious, it was great. The times where I was reading and it really hit me, or when the characters were discussing it, I felt great about it. Honestly, I started feeling like a more beautiful human. That might sound cliche, but having these characters not understand that their appearance does not define them made ME appreciate it. CONS: Although I super duper enjoyed this, I had one problem. But it was kind of a big problem, and that was the writing. I really did not enjoy the writing in this. It was very distracting and very confusing. Often during exciting action scenes I didn't ACTUALLY understand what was going on because it wasn't explained clearly. I would understand "Oh, okay, she's escaping on a hoverboard.. sort of," but I would get so confused by the actions of the board or the way she was moving or what was going on around her because it all felt so muddles. Also, and maybe most importantly, I don't know how he managed it, but I felt like Scott Westerfeld's writing actually ruined exciting moments. Something huge would happen, a big revelation or big plot twist, and while I'd be shocked I'd also be confused that the excitement of the story was not matching the excitement of the writing. I felt like Westerfeld either wasn't excited at all, or REALLY didn't know how to write excitement. It was actually really upsetting because some of the shocking revelations would be pushed down a bit by the unexcited delivery. It's like someone really depressingly says "Yeah, whatever, you aced the test." And you're confused.. yay you did good? What? Why is this person not happy about it?!Overall though, I obviously really liked this. It was super exciting and wonderfully intricate. I ABSOLUTELY want to pick up the next book to see what happens next. I won't be doing a solitary review for this book: I'll mention it in a round up, but I will be doing a review of this series when I finish it! (Which prolly wont be for a while so don't get too excited yet!)** Note on the cliffhanger: I might be doing a video about this, which is why I won't be going to in depth about it, but basically I hate cliff hangers. I feel that their a cheat and a trick: the author/publishing house is trying to trick me into buying the next book in a series. If you're going to write a series or trilogy, in my opinion, each book should be able to stand on it's own. Obviously you would have to read the first book before enjoying the second book, but you should be able to read the second book and be satisfied. It's really important to me to be able to say "I feel like I finished something," when I finish a book. BASICALLY, before I drift too much, I felt like this was a great cliffhanger. It was exciting and crazy enough to make me want to pick up the next book, but I don't feel cheated. I feel like I did finish a story. As though if I don't pick up the rest of the series I'll still have finished something.