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Unfriended - Katie Finn I LOVE THIS SERIES. YOU CAN JUDGE ME IF YOU WANT, BUT I LOVE IT.I know that this isn't great literature, maybe not even good literature. It didn't make me reconsider life, or ponder the mysteries and truths of the universe.. but it did make me laugh, and it made me smile, and it made me happy, and that's just as valid.This series follows Madison, a 17 year old teenager, throughout four drama-filled months. Scandal, boyfriends, blackmail, prom, social networking: the whole typical shebang. For me, the plot was constantly intriguing, constantly fun and entertaining. There are two things that I love most about this series.1) The Social Media Usage: These books focus hugely on the impact of social media in teenage lives. What constantly checking facebook, having your facebook or twitter hacked, having people follow your locations with GPS updates, all of these sorts of things, how it can all affect lives. I, especially since I'm deeply entrenched into The Internet, found it fascinating and legitimate that having your social networking sites attacked or threatened could actually pose some drama in your life.2) How Lighthearted it is: This is the perfect "summer-read", the perfect chick flick. It's like watching Hilary Duff movies, which everyone has to admit is fun. These books deal with important issues like friendship, but they never get to dark and heavy, and sometimes that's refreshing! It's nice to read books sometimes that are about teenagers going way overboard with drama. SOMETIMES DRAMA IS FUN. Overall, yes. Yes. Yes to anyone who wants to read some completely over-the-top teenage drama, set in a sunny city, where you always know everything will end well. I must add on that the first book was my favourite - I read it back when I was 13ish and loved.. I've probably reread it five or six times and it never fails to make me smile. The second one, in all honesty, was a bit disappointing. It was a bit confused, the plot was not as strong as the first one and the whole book just was not as solid or fun as the first.. although I did still enjoy it. This final book was the PERFECT ending. I really loved it, had so much fun with it, and it ended the whole series perfectly.I've loved this series, and will reread it time and again. I'm so happy to have finally finished this series that I started so long ago, when I was so much younger, and that it still manages to make me smile. I honestly feel so chipper and smug right now, I just want to hug this series.