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Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson This is a very powerful book: it deals with rape and depression in one of the most realistic and poignant ways I've read. I rated it 4.5.The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because I could not see myself in Melinda. I am very self-aware and I know that I would not have responded in any of the same ways that she did. This does not devalue any of the book though. I could still absolutely empathize with Melinda, I completely understood and appreciated her.One of the things that I most enjoyed was the writing.. The prose is beautiful and there were a couple of lines that I just had to mark because of the impact they made.Overall, an incredible read and I think it deserves all of the praise it has gotten. A few of the quotations I flagged because they 'Spoke' to me:'Maybe I'll be an artist if I ever grow up.''She must be a great writer if the school board is afraid of her.''Instead of multicultural, we have no-cultural.''I feel bad that I didn't fold more shirts for her.''I just want anyone to like me. I want a note with a heart on it.'