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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare WELL. WELL. SO MUCH TO SAY. To start, my rating is 3.5, and I will say I really enjoyed this book... but I did also have quite a few issues with it.. let's discuss!Supernatural/Paranormal is not my genre. It's not that I CAN'T enjoy them, it's that I have a lot of troubles enjoying them, so when I pick one up it has to be mind blowingly great for me to get into it or else I just struggle, flail, and fail. Keeping this in mind, this is my City of Bones story:I received this book during Christmas of 2011 - over a year ago! I didn't buy it because it necessarily interested me, because it was screaming my name.. no, I picked it up because the booktubers that I was watching would not stop raving about it. Happily, during Christmas break, I picked it up. My expectations were OFF THE ROOF. This book, it was going to be amazing. The best I'd ever read. And after 130 pages I couldn't take it anymore. I hated it. The world was so cheesy, the characters so fake, the pacing so slow.. WHY DID PEOPLE LOVE THIS, I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND! I gave up. I put that book down until a few days ago, more than a year later, I for no reason at all felt like picking it up.Waiting a year was the perfect thing. For one, I wasn't picking this book up because I was feeling pressured, and most importantly I wasn't picking it up with high expectations .. in fact, I had the lowest expectations because I remembered hating it before. I took my time with this books, I read it at face value looking past its flaws and just enjoying it for what it is - a fun story.Here we get to the juice of things:I liked the constant action. It seemed like every single chapter was a hole new adventure - these characters never slept they just kept fighting and being warriors and that was exciting! I liked the characters, they were interesting and all served their purpose. I liked the world - it's always cool to imagine a whole new world hidden in our everyday world. Cassandra Clare really did weave quite an intricate universe. It was cool, and actiony, and fun. It was fun.However, I also had a lot of problems with it. I felt that SO much was going on that the a lot of important things were being missed and it seemed a bit ridiculous - there's no way all of this happened in the course of one week! There's no way that these kids didn't need serious hospital care or at least a freaking nap! I also felt that the characters where really shallow. We have the main strong female protagonist who just stumbles into this world. The strong, reclusive, beautiful love interest. The nerdy, super smart, super kind, "secretly" in love with the main character best friend. If you know me at ALL, you know that character development is what I live for in books and I felt like this book had NONE. Finally, I think Cassandra Clare tried to jam way too much into this book. This will probably be solved if I continue reading the series, but I barely understood what the tattoos were for before she was talking about what the stele did.. too much stuff without enough solid and grounded explanation. I also felt that a couple things, on this note, were unrealistic because so much was happening so quickly. Like, I still don't understand how Jace so quickly abandoned father #1 for father #2. AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW CLARY AND SIMON JUST COMPLETELY ACCEPT THIS WORLD. Like, vampires? Werewolves? Warlocks? Shadowhunters? PSH, no big deal! I've known about them for a whole week! Finally finally, I had a really big problem with the end. No spoilers, but for people who HAVE read this book.. the "change" in Jace and Clary's relationship seriously grossed me out. Oh! Finally finally finally, I felt a lot of things were REALLY predictable. Yeah, obviously Valentine is that. And yeah, Jace would be said to be that. And Hodge was that way. Yeah, yeah.Like I said, I did enjoy this book, but on a different level as other books. I enjoyed it simply for the story, simply as a fun tale that excited me and had me going in a new world with new adventures and new ideas.