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Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up - Wow. I haven't read something I so enjoyed in quite a long while.I read this book with my friend Jesse. Every day we would set a target and read up until that point, sharing what we thought of that section, gushing or ranting. That experience was so much fun and it definitely added to the reasons why I loved it - it was something I shared with a friend.However, this book didn't need that added loveliness for me to give it five stars. The biggest point of WOO for me is the writing. Daniel Handler really has his own style, and he can really work it. The novel read as a stream of consciousness, as a person thinking and feeling without the filters of editing and proper grammar. Some of the passages were so poetic, so well constructed, that I reread them. I never highlight things, never take notes while reading, but I did with this book. It was so deserving.The plot can also not be forgotten. We are all aware, even before the book has started, that the two main characters will be splitting up. But I found myself searching for hope that maybe they could make it work, searching for loopholes. Even though I knew exactly where the plot was going, could even guess a bit of the ending, it still had me excited and intrigued.Finally, the realism of this book. In a lot of ways it is instalove, but done ironically. In a lot of YA novels instalove isn't done on purpose.. the author simply doesn't know how to write love. In this, however, the instalove was bold and true. It was the reason that they had to break up. Because it's instalove. It isn't real. The characters too, had so many flaws that you don't often get to see with YA novels. I hated them sometimes, but relished in their flaws.I loved this book. I enjoyed every moment of it. It had it's setbacks of course, there were several times when I was quite confused, not understanding what was going on, misinterpreting. But I think that might have been a bit on purpose. You can't understand everything. What I do know is that I loved this book. Loved it loved it loved it.