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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) - Agatha Christie I am so glad that I finally picked up an Agatha Christie.. it was about time, and I think that I chose a good one to start with! And Then There Were None, fun fact, is the best-selling mystery novel in all of human history!Overall, I thought that this was an excellent novel. It was very intriguing, and by half way I didn't want to put it down - I needed to know what was going on! I definitely understand why Christie is held in such high regard, too: her writing is quick and on edge, it's realistic, and she did a brilliant job with the intricacies. I really enjoyed this and I definitely want to read more from her.Obviously though, I had a few problems with it if I didn't give it 5 stars! Firstly, I'm not completely sold on the ending. I think the whole "red herring" thing was BRILLIANT, completely didn't see that twist coming, but I'm just left unsatisfied. I don't know what I wanted, but I don't feel like I totally got it. Secondly, I never had any suspicions. One thing that I really like about mysteries is blaming people ("IT'S THAT GUY, OBVIOUSLY PEEPS!") and then changing your mind and doubting yourself. But I really didn't feel that in this novel.. I never blamed anyone, never had any leading ideas as to who it might have been which was too bad because I didn't feel like I was trying to solve this crime: There wasn't enough evidence or clues to help me along to figuring it out. These are both personal issues though, so objectively, I'd probably give it a higher rating!Bonus: I REALLY SUPER DUPER LOVED the use of the nursery rhyme. Even though you know exactly how the next murder is going to happen you still have no idea and that was intriguing!