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Bakuman Volume 01 - Tsugumi Ohba I LOVED THIS! I have slowly been easing into the world of Anime, and so logically (as I am a person who enjoys reading) I have just barely touched into Manga, and so honestly, I can't really judge Manga. This is the second Manga I've read. I have no base for comparison, I don't have enough experience to make an educated review.. HOWEVER, I do know how I felt about it personally, so that's what I'll talk about.I liked that this was manga without magic or supernatural events (I thought they all had paranormal elements!), and that the characters are going through real life issues. I liked that this is a Manga about Manga - I loved learning more about the Manga world and culture! I loved how ridiculous this got at times.. some of the scenarios where really exaggerated and impossible, but they were fun! There were a few messages in the manga that I didn't agree with (for example, multiple different characters kept saying that super smart people are unlovable) but I took it all with a grain of salt. This is from a different culture and it's just a fun story. I can not wait to pick up the next volume, and to eventually pick up Death Note which is from the same two "geniuses" ! ;)