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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Where can I start with this book?First of all, it was one of two books that I got for Christmas, and consequentially The minute breakfast was done and all the presents were unwrapped I dived right into it. I've been waiting a while for this book, and it did not disappoint !The Characters -When reading reviews, and even the back cover, I thought that the book would be about the main girl, Amy. Although she was vitally important, and was definitely the lead, do not ink this book centers around her. She shares the spot light, pretty equally, with the lead boy character Elder. Both leads were interesting, real, and relatable.The secondary characters were interesting and genuine and interesting.The Setting -The entire story takes place in, of course, a space ship. This adds a really cool atmosphere, and the constant feeling that there is no way out, no escape. It's an interesting dynamic.The world that Beth Revis has created inside the ship is simply awesome. There are a bunch of awesome terms, items, concepts, and values.Writing Style -The story is told from two different viewpoints - Amy and Elder. Sometimes one of their sections ends and it switches to the other character and the it gets really frustrating because you want to know what happens in that story line, but the anticipation keeps up throughout the entire text and it's really exciting.I really enjoyed this book, and I will DEFINITELY be getting the sequel. Yaaaaaaaaay !!!!!