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Fallout by Todd Strasser

Fallout - Todd Strasser

This was such a fascinating read!

I have always loved history - I took 3 history classes in my final year of high school even though none of them were required! It's so interesting to me to see the decisions our ancestors have made and how they affected their own society and then ours. This book felt like a really interesting and quick history lesson; an insight into something new and important. 

The Cold War period was a scary one. The constant threat of mutually-assured destruction left people living in fear and doubt. This book felt like I was dropped right into the minds of the people during this period and then let me know how they felt and what they were thinking. 

I couldn't give it 5 stars because it did feel lacking in plot: I found it super compelling, but definitely not because of it's story which could feel lacking at times. I also wish there had maybe been one or two more chapters at the end. All that being said though, I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it!