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The Realm of Possibilities by David Levithan

The Realm of Possibility - David Levithan

Being a teenager is such a time of possibility. You can completely change your philosophy on life every other day and no one will care. In The Realm of Possibility, David Levithan presents 20 different poems, from 20 different characters, all illustrating the different problems and thoughts that teenagers have.

This is not the kind of book I would pick up.. I'm just not one for poetry! But this was a gift from a friend (Thanks Jacob!) and I'm really glad that I read something so different. I really felt some of the poems, related to them, learned something from them. Its always really important to look at different perspectives, and this book emphasized that.

Why not five stars? Poetry is just not my thing, peeps. I did enjoy a bunch of the poems, but I also found a lot of them boring and sometimes even pretentious. 

My Favourite Poems From This Collection (in order):
1) My girlfriend is in love with Holden Caulfield
2) Gospel
3) The Patron Saint of Stoners
4) Writing
5) Your Sister
6) Suburban Myths